Thursday, 14 October 2010


Well it has been a fairly normal day today, broke cars coming in, fixed cars going out but we are also preparing to launch our new ECU mapping service which is very exciting!

Kicking off on Saturday we will be offering ECU mapping that comes with a guarantee! Economy mapping services are widely available and we have avoided the "cheap" end, instead we are going for an established, national company with fully technical back up and support. The deal was sealed today and we go live this weekend. If you are after economy or performance, we have a tweak for you!

As for the workshop, Justin's bespoke ordered cam shafts have arrived from Amsterdam and we are well on the way to completing this massive engine job, Frank has had a rather cold start at college today as their heating broke down and Andy has been updating the equipment for the storage cars, checking their batteries and doing their Autumn adjustments.

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